Michigan Ethics Economy Initiative Podcast Series

Michigan Ethics Economy Podcast Series

We all know the economic and social impact of manufacturing, education and the agricultural sectors on the Michigan economy. Likewise, reports outlining the economic roles played by nonprofit organizations, among them the arts and culture, are available for us to pore over.

We don't know, however, whether the economic impact of jobs and professions in ethics, that is, ethics careers. At A2Ethics.org, we are very interested in finding out whether ethics careers have any impact on our economy. To that end, we have created an ongoing project called the Michigan Ethics Economy Initiative.

What is the Michigan Ethics Economy? We believe it is that part of Michigan's economic activity, production and services that are ethics-focused or ethics-centric.

To describe and measure this activity, we can start by:

  •  Talking with people who work in ethics-focused jobs. Our goal is to get a clear appreciation of what these jobs involve. We want to know about common career pathways. How it is that people get these jobs? What education and training do they have? What professional experiences do they have in common? Do they typically have mentors? And are they in fields that are growing? Moreover, are some of these jobs part-time, contingent and easily outsourced?
  • Counting and mapping the number and types of jobs where ethics education, expertise and experience are qualifications for getting a job?
  • Counting and mapping the number and types of jobs where dealing with ethics issues, problems, concerns and regulations is the principal responsibility.

As our conversations reveal, the Michigan Ethics Economy is comprised of talented individuals attracted to professional work that challenges us all to think about the value of our work in our communities. 

Higher education institutions, and the eclectic ethics centers attached to them, are central to the nurturing and growth of a flourishing ethics economy.  A2Ethics.org has identified this economy as one where people take career pathways that involve working with ethics ideas, and whose professions and livelihoods are ethics-related.  We have been documenting this economy whenever we get a chance to talk with people helping to build this ethics economy.

Join Bart and Jeanine from Downtown Detroit for a conversation with DTE Energy Chief Compliance Officer Anthony Tocco. The Ethics and Compliance Department is a fixture of many major corporations, and we find out how the ethics of a corporation and its employees stay in balance.

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