The Unique Appeal of Giving ethics ideas and points of view a permanent  voice -- and place -- in our corner of the world.

Why Give to

Your gift to is based on your commitment to give ethics ideas and practices a vital role in the many small matters and large public decisions we all make about how we choose to live in our community.   

What is Your Gift to Good For? has created a new kind of civic involvement. Among A2Ethics' established events, imaginative programs and new projects that your gift helps to fund:

  • The Big Ethical Question Slam, the event for which we are most recognized, and a part of the annual calendar of popular city events. 
  • Noteworthy audio podcasts, such as the Working Ethics interviews with people in their 20s and 30s about the ethics of their work. And City & Local Ethics, a collection of podcast conversations with elected officials and community leaders about local government ethics issues and policies. This series has led to an advocacy project to encourage the Ann Arbor city council to establish a professional standards program for elected and appointed officials in positions of public trust. 
  • The Michigan High School Ethics Bowl, a competitive, thought-provoking learning experience that brings together high school students.
  • Ethics without Borders, a biannual community event and podcast series highlighting those among us whose work across the world emboldens us to speak out for what we value most.
  • Michigan Ethics Economy InitiativeMichigan Ethics Economy Initiative, career pathway talks with people from around the state who work and volunteer in various ethics-related fields.
  • Original, curated productions and exhibits showcasing ethics issues in fresh, remixed, comic, serious, and above all, challenging and provocative ways. Among them, the design symbol exhibit to stop violence against schools in conflict-ridden areas to our pop-up exhibit,"Restoring the Voice of the People: Citizens' Responses to the Citizens United Decision" at the Ann Arbor Public Library. 

Montage of Slam Participants

What Is a Good Amount to Give?

Our giving goal for 2016 is $15,000, an amount that is both modest and manageable. 

Reaching this goal will allow us to meet our annual expenses and plan new and important projects. As an all volunteer organization, we have almost no administrative costs. Our fundraising expenses come from our annual appeal and total around $350-$400.

There are other benefits in giving to our fiscal efficiency. is a 501(c)3 organization, which makes your contributions tax-deductible.  Whether you give 10 or 1,000 dollars, we value your expectation that we will put your gift to good use.

How Do You Know Your Gift Is Being Put to Good Use?

As a community-based organization, relies on community support and your belief in our mission. By giving to, you expect us to use your money to maximize your good. As civic ethicists, who try to encourage ethical awareness in our community policies and decision-making, you should also expect us to be financially transparent and to invest your gift wisely ... all the while being ethically aware.

We thank you for your confidence and trust  that we will invest your gift transparently, wisely ... and with ethical awareness.

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