About A2Ethics.org

A2Ethics.org is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ethics through education, social networking and collaborative events.

Since our beginning in 2008, we have launched numerous ventures: from the first Ethics Economy Initiative, a popular podcast interview series featuring ethics professionals from our home state of Michigan, to the Big Ethical Question Slam, the only ethics dilemma competition on the planet. Our mission is equally unique: to give ethics-related ideas and work a permanent voice and an essential place in the many communities we serve. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan is our home community. It is also the basis of our name (A2 is local shorthand for Ann Arbor). As part of the ubiquitous web, A2Ethics.org programs can be heard around the world. Which is why, in the near future, we can easily imagine an Austinethics.org... a Dublinethics.org... or a Rioethics.org... each offering programs that reflect the distinct "ethics voices" of these widely-dispersed places.

The ethics voice that distinguishes A2Ethics.org stems from the collaborations we encourage... the ingenious ways we are redefining ethics education... and the expanded spaces we are creating to champion ethics talk and ethics work in our communities.